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Excavation at Abu Road, Archeologists hope to know secrets of Chandrawati City


Archaeologists have found idols of gods, red ware pots, brick etc at the ongoing excavation at Chandrawati Archaeological site on Abu Road. This is the first excavation after 20 years by State Government.

The excavation is done by the Archaeological Department of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University in association with State Department of Archaeology, Jaipur.

Krishan Pal Singh, Archaeologist and Excavation in charge informed, “With this excavation we are trying to find out the connection with Dilwara Jain Temple as both sites are contemporary.”

Chandrawati is temple architecture of 11th Century A.D. The first trench is laid on north central side of the protected site area.

Krishan Pal Singh also informed that the Railway Crossing area is also having deposit of archeological material, which is packed by 8 meter thick brick wall and 4 meter high wall.

“That area may have some treasure or it is a residential area occupied by one village for doing farming” said Singh.

Krishan Pal Singh and his team have found some broken pots from the site. He said that further digging can clear our understanding about the correlation with the temple area of Chandrawati.

A group of scientists will come from Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Japan, Udaipur, Delhi, Rohtak and Jaipur. However few experts already reached at the excavating site.

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    • devendra rawal, rajasthan patrika, abu road says

      fantastic kpsa. god bless you to bringout the history in public.

  1. devendra rawal, abu road says

    kpsa what happened for the third phase of excavation in chandrawati. would you like to give me the information on my mobile for the third and final phase. i will be very grateful to you.


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