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Female Fetus Found in Sewage

A three months old female fetus has been found today in a sewage canal near sub city centre, Savina, Udaipur.


Shiv Singh Chundawat, ASI, Hiran Magri Police Station said, “We have been informed from locals about a female fetus found in sewage at Savina at around 12pm today, it is a clear case of abortion and we have sent the body for postmortem and investigation has been started”.

Don’t get shock or feel sorry for this nor should you blame anyone for the untimely death of this baby girl who has been allegedly killed, not by his parents, not by the doctor who aborted her and not by that clinic who has done illegal gender test! But…

Blame yourself, blame the society you are proud of and blame our lethargic and un-responsive soul which is overlapped with mere show-off of being adorable to a girl child.

I feel sorry for those NGOs who dedicated their mission to save girl child, those school students who marched all over the city holding banner and shouting slogans to save girl child and those maternity homes who proudly put a notice board “we don’t do gender test here, it is illegal”.

I think whatever has happened is the best for this unborn baby because this world is no more a safe place for her, especially in India. If she would have survived there are chances for her to get killed by her in-laws or being raped by someone before she could reach 20 years of her age.

At last what remain are mere questions, all those old and tedious questions to you, authority, system and social belief.

No matter you answer or not or even if you don’t react to this incident but the soul of this baby girl and many hundreds and thousands of female fetus which have been killed will keep asking you one question “What was my fault?”

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