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Female Home guard alleges Senior for Sexual Harassment

Shocking incident of alleged sexual harassment of some female home guards came into light when one of the victims gathered enough courage to raise her voice against the harassment that she has been facing by her senior official for the past two years.

In an interview with the media, the victim also alleged that several other female home guards have become victim of the C.O. who keeps on demanding physical pleasure.

Victim’s family members reached collector and S.P to report the whole incident. The matter is now handed over to Hathipol Police for further investigation.

Victim woman blamed Subash Yadav, C.O. Commander of Home Guard Department, Udaipur for demanding physical relations against the job. She said that if any of the volunteer revolted against his demand, she was thrown out of her job.

According to the woman, the C.O. is also supported by a female colleague who threatened her and lodged false report against her in the office.

Narrating the shocking story, victim woman said, “I am a widow and have been working in the department since the year 2000. During my job here, I had never faced such harassment but for past 2 years, after the new C.O Subash Yadav joined, he started exploiting us in different ways, and it happened not only with me but with many other female home guards also. They have been facing the same circumstances but are afraid to raise their voice against him”.

Due to mental harassment, the woman victim was admitted to the hospital and is being treated for past three days.

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