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Finally 'Ranu' went to Child Care Centre

girl-childThis is the story of a 4-year-old Ranu, a malnourished girl child, whose parents are migratory workers in Chattisgarh. While the parents were mostly out for their labour work, Ranu was left in the care of her 12-year-old elder sister.

Once, a local social worker Deepa from BALCO, that ran the Anganwadi center, came in touch with Ranu who was weighing only 6kg that time. Deepa enquired with Ranu’s parents and asked them to send her to Anganwadi center where she will be taken care of, but her parents ignored.

Deepa, against the wish of Ranu’s parents took her to Anganwadi Center and started giving her food, regular medical checkup and toys to play and learn. Soon, Ranu’s health started improving and her weight increased up to 8 kg. Seeing their daughter’s improving condition, the parents agreed to keep her at Anganwadi Center.

Continue reading this story at Khushi – Care for the Underprivileged Children.

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