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First Day of Udaipur Kite Festival 2010

The first day of Udaipur Kite Festival 2010, organized by Udai Kite Fan Club Organization under the supervision of International Kite Flyer Mr. Abdul Malik, was full of fun and adventure. The main attraction was their Charkhi Kites which weighed 1 ton and 2 1/2 ton, they managed to fly the kites with the help of mini trucks. Here are some recently clicked photographs of today’s event held in Lake Fateh Sagar at Nehru Garden, Udaipur.

Slogan, drawing competition and free kites distribution for kids were also organized. A famous kite flier and friend of Abdul Malik, Gopal Bhai Patel was present with his team from M.H. Kite Club, Ahmedabad.







Tomorrow is the last day of this kite flying show which will start from 4pm at Nehru Garden, Fateh Sagar, Udaipur. Tomorrow’s theme is environment, Abdul Malik will attempt to fly the heaviest kite of 250 ton and various other kites in shape of animals.

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  1. Chetan says

    I think 1st time in Udaipur’s History. Nice to see this. Thanks for bringing report to us.

  2. Hussain Ali says

    GR8 description…..
    nice snaps……
    phrases like “KATTA HAI” r echoing in my ears….
    >>i m listening and getting NOSTALGIC…. Really its fun and gr8

  3. says

    This is Really Excellent news, Abdul you are doing great jobs, since last 3 years we have started kite flying event across the India.

    We invite you to join our team, at present over 25 Kite flyers in our team, regularly participate in various kite event. Gopal Bhai & Team, Ashok Bhai, Digant Bhai, RANA and other kite flyers we work together.

    Recently we have back from Common Wealth Games Kite Festival and Next Year we have inquiry about 15 festival across the Ahmedabad. Will Meet at International Kite Festival 2011 Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.

    Thanks for sharing photos and information. Please visit my website http://www.ahmedabadkiteflyers.org

    Keep in touch.



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