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[Food Review] A Silent Retreat at Hariyali Restaurant


In the left bend of the perpendicular lane down the Gulab Bagh is located a beautiful cozy restaurant by the name, Hariyali. Most of the localites already recognize the restaurant and its name is marked in the list of favorites of many among them.

Hariyali restaurant is an open garden plus a dining hall venture, featuring a mini playground for the active kids. The kitchen is well away from the seating area and the cleanliness is an asset that registers at first sight.

We were two of us and immensely chatty that day. We talked to the manager as we ordered the food. To be frank, we only wanted to know when they do start preparing Gajar Ka Halwa and which are the best weeks to enjoy it. In our defense: it’s a dish that’s very rare to find in a Menu!

The service was prompt and pleasurably good. We started with the usual- soup.

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup


The soup was clear and had a variety of meshed vegetables. The essence of the soup was a bit unrealistic as the corn was hard and not delicious but the gravy was tantalizing.

The after-taste had the effect that is expected from a soup. If the corn would have been softer, sweeter and appropriately boiled, the soup would have made a memorable one.

Kadhai Paneer


Capsicum and onion topped the cottage cheese and enhanced the aroma and the taste to newer heights. The paneer was of a good quality, the gravy sufficed and the amount was more than necessary. It had all the traits of being a good ingredient of a main course.

Although I found no complaints, I found no special touch either. Yet, it was made special by the method of preparation the Chef had appointed.

Navratan Korma


Potatoes, carrots, bottle gourd, cabbage, paneer, green peas, cauliflower, capsicum and beans were the nine ingredients making up this Shahi Dish. The gravy tasted a little off from the effect of lack of masalas, but the preparation was rewarding in this case as well.


We got filled up very rapidly because of twice the normal dose of Paneer, but I consumed everything I had ordered, with huge efforts!

Banana Lassi


I never mention side orders like lassi or buttermilk explicitly, but this is an exceptional case, for this lassi was excellent! I’d never tried Banana Lassi ever before, but now that I have; I think it’s a credible idea!

I’d recommend this to every visitor who likes Banana and Lassi. This drink passes every devotees’ scrutiny.

Apart from these prominent items, we’d ordered a Cold Coffee which was extremely poor in taste and thin as water. One more observation worth repeating is that my Cheese Nan had aluminum foil sticking out of it from an end, plausibly from an ill-equipped attempt at prying off the Cheese from its containing wrapper.


The bill we were charged was Rs. 530. Kadhai Paneer and Korma at Rs. 125 each and the cold coffee and lassi at Rs. 40 and Rs. 60, respectively. The soup cost us Rs. 70 and the Cheese Nan was a whopping Rs. 60. There is no facility to pay by card, so we had to shell out cash from stacks we’d never explored before!

The restaurant has a wise aura of experience attached to it, which infuses a sense of calmness in the diner when they lean back in their seats and look around. The lunch we had was a satisfying one and left us with a grin on our face which, above everything, is the best a place can provide to the consumer.

They have no online portal that can be visited, but their popularity covers up that error. If you have already visited the restaurant, please share your experience with us in the comments below.

Keep checking out for more such reviews. And as always, have a great Sunday!

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  1. tarun agrawal says

    A good place to visit..serenity in the environment, reasonable rates, good service, and even good taste. A good option to visit with family.


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