Beware of fake food products-20 to 50 % adulteration found

Your kitchen is serving adulterated food-Beware.

Beware of fake food products-20 to 50 % adulteration found

Public needs to be over alert when it comes to buying food products. It has been reported by the food department that almost 20 to 50 percent adulteration has been found in the supplies of food products like oil, ghee, dairy products, sweets and even spices. Even drinking water that is sold in the name of mineral water has normal water in it, meaning that the mineral water consumed by public is not purely mineral water.

As reported by the research department in MB Hospital, the samples that reached the lab were found adulterated to the extent of 50 percent. Spices were also checked and it was found that the spices had too much of hay and dust in them. Out of the 36 samples of spices tested in the hospital lab, 20 turned out to be adulterated. The sweets that promise purity of ghee have oil in them. The food department checked more than 500 samples of different food products out of which more than a 100 samples turned out to be impure.

Beware of fake food products-20 to 50 % adulteration found

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It has been discovered that adulteration is being carried out with much ease as it is not easy to identify the purity of products and public does not realise that they are paying exorbitant amount for adulterated products. You are cooking impurities in your kitchen which are in turn giving rise to diseases like typhoid, jaundice, cancer, kidney troubles, blood pressure, heart problems and many more hazardous health issues.

The norms set by Food Safety Standard Authority of India are being overlooked and public health has become more of a game. Another issue is that if anyone wants to have a food sample checked, he has to pay 1000 rupees for lab test and because of this kind of heavy fees, he returns from the lab without having the sample checked.

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