You will love it-McDonalds to open soon

McDonald's to re-open soon.

You will love it-McDonalds to open soon

It won’t be long before you get to eat your favourite burgers again. McDonalds closed around 10th May in Udaipur following some dispute. Including the Udaipur centre, almost 165 McDonalds outlets had closed in India. It was declared that it will take 2 weeks for the outlets to re-open but the outlets are still not open. Public has been asking the operators at Celebration Mall about the re-opening of their favourite food chain. Now a note has been pasted outside Udaipur’s outlet assuring that the outlet will be opened soon.

It may be noted that following a dispute about ownership with the company’s MD in India, the chain had closed down all the outlets in India. Now that McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd. (MIPL) is buying Vikram Bakshi’s shares, there are probabilities of the outlets re-opening in India.

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