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Girl found dead in Lake Fateh Sagar


Body of an unidentified girl was found floating on the shores of Lake Fateh Sagar today early in the morning. Police has pulled out the body and shifted it to the mortuary.

According to the police, the deceased girl was found on the first chatri from Dewali side of the Fateh Sagar Paal. The girl whose age is assumed to be nearly 25 years is not yet identified. However, a tattoo was found on her hand, written ‘Rekha’.

A passerby noticed the body floating near the stairs and informed police. Prima Facie police is considering it a case of suicide.

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  1. Salma Saifee says

    UT, DO NOT TREAT DEAD BODIES AS MERELY A PIECE OF NEWS. Please refrain from posting such pictures.
    What you guys do not realize is the emotional and mental stress these photos can put on the relatives and family of the deceased who are already grieving their loss!! ….and for that matter even other readers to see such disturbing images. You could have just reported the news, there wasn’t a need to add a photo, its like disrespecting the dead.

  2. Zaheer says

    At UT, we always try not to publish anything that hurts readers’ emotions. In this incident, the victim was unidentified till late night; hence we blurred the face and published the pic if someone can identify the victim by clothes and physical appearance.

    The picture is now removed from our database.


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