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GITS Students Make Multiple Fuel Car Engine


What if you get a car that has the capability of running on any fuel, like petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, Bio diesel, kerosene, biogas and solar system? Well, it sounds like an impossible dream, but four students of Mechanical Branch of Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies are working on this project titled, ‘Fabrication of Multiple Fuel and Energy System Car’.

Stirred by the project, Department of Science and Technology, Rajasthan Government has granted financial backup to the students of GITS, Udaipur. The project can bring a new revolution in the automobile sector, where vehicles could be run on any fuel as per the choice.

Team of the students includes Neeraj Singodia, Digvijay Sharma, Mohit Sharma and Mahipal Singh working under the guidance of Pankaj Ahir (Project Guide) and Punita Jain (Project Coordinator).


“At present, we have used Honda 125CC engine and tried to revamp several elements in piston block, head block and combustion chamber of the engine so that any fuel can work well without harming the engine”, said Neeraj Singodia, team leader.

He further informed, “Solar energy system is also used in some parts of the car to stop the use of acid batteries.”

Automobile sector is one of the most suffered business sectors in this era of inflation where prices of fuels are rising day by day. ‘Multiple Fuel Energy Car’ will be blessing for both the car manufacturers and owners.

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