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Gudiya asks "Akhir Kab Tak?" Street Play in memory of rape victims


Damini and Gudiya, the two rape victims of India who moved the citizens and distressed every individual of the country and the world, widely challenged millions of thoughts and questioned the role of society and government to secure every female of India.


With much agony and sympathy, local theater artists under the coordination of Karmasharm and Natyansh showcased street theatre “Aakhir Kab Tak?” (Till how long?)


The play, conducted at Fateh Sagar today evening, touched every spectator’s heart.

Artists played the roles of Damini, who died in the Dec 2012 gang rape in bus and of 5-year-old Gudiya who was brutally raped by her neighbor and is presently recovering in hospital.


It was a conversation between Damini and Gudiya, Damini asking Gudiya not to go back in that world and stay back with her. But Gudiya refuse to stay with Damini and said, “I will go back and will remain there till I don’t get any promising answer from the world.”

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  1. vijay says

    Gudiya’s question has to be answered by all of us “the common stupid citizens.”
    The political and gov exec, including the police have no answer and the response is ‘hang the culprits’/’castrate them!’.
    DGP has once again made a statement about sensitizing the junior officers, specially towards crime against women. The entire thing would work if deadlines are set for training to wards sensitization, a decent method of for filing an FIR at the field level. It should not just be a report on plain paper, but a proper FIR.
    At the field level, the officers and the staff is over worked and under staffed, the response time for this has reduced considerably after the Gypsy Hawks have been replaced by old diesel jeeps also the morale of these is very low!
    Wondering when was the last CLG meeting held and in which police station?
    It is time that the DGP and the Gov make a joint statement on the dates of sensitization and implementation.


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