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Gunfire by Prime Accused in Motilal Dangi Case, again!

In a shocking incident this afternoon, a report was lodged at Sukher Police station regarding gunfire in Bhuwana area at 1.45 PM. A minor and Danish, prime accused in Motilal Dangi gunfire case, were involved in this bustle.

According to Police, Students of Central Academy, Sardarpura – Ramesh and Ravi [names changed] got in a quarrel regarding a petty issue in the school. Ramesh then thrashed Ravi’s Activa (two-wheeler) in rage, after the school got over. Ravi went to Danish afterwards and pursued him to come along, as Ravi wanted to teach Ramesh a lesson. Danish and Ravi then went to Ramesh’s residence in Bhuwana and scuffled with him. Whilst scuffle, Danish shot gunfire in air and they flew away. Surprisingly, this all came up when Police is still searching for Danish in Motilal Dangi gunfire case in which Danish is a prime accused. He is still in the City and roaming freely. Police registered the case and they are looking for Danish and Ravi at the moment.

UPDATE: Ravi [name changed] has been detained by Police on 23rd Sept, 2012. Police is now searching for Danish.

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