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Haryana Liquor Seized, 1 Arrested


A consignment of liquor worth more than Rs. 30 Lacs, has been seized from a truck by Udaipur Police today morning, on National Highway No.8.

The delivery was bound to liquor-banned State of Gujarat from neighboring Haryana; police has also arrested the truck driver, who confessed smuggling liquor to Gujarat due to his poor financial conditions.

Acting on the tip off, Goverdhan Vilas Police laid nakabandi at NH 8 today early morning at 4, after 2 hours of checking every vehicle, a truck with Punjab number was stopped and when checked, it was found loaded with 1300 boxes of liquor ‘English Premium Brand’.

Truck Driver, Juth Singh, resident of Hajipur, Patiala was arrested and the goods were seized. According to the truck’s document, Juth Singh is the owner of truck and he admitted smuggling liquor due to financial crises.

2 years ago

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