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Headless Body Found at Farm Horrifies Local Villagers


A headless body of 55-year-old Heeralal Gameti was found today morning at the farm located in Savina’s Naya Ghar area. The shocking incident came to light when a boy noticed the dead body at a transitory security shed at the farm. Heeralal used to look after the farms, owned by a Dangi family, at night.

Further shocking is the missing head of the victim, which is undiscoverable even after a massive search hunt jointly led by police team and the villagers. A few blood stains were found near a closely located well, but still no sign of the head has added complicacy to the case.



According to sources, Heeralal was a relative of Bheemraj Gameti who committed suicide three days back, after been allegedly harassed by Land Mafia. Police is also linking the murder of Heeralal with Bheemraj’s case.

Superintendent of Police Hariprasad Sharma inspected the spot with other police officials including Ad SP Ata-ur-Rahman and Kaluram Rawat.


Heeralal Gameti, resident of Naya Ghar used to stay overnight at farms with 15-year-old Krishna, relative of Heeralal. But due to some reason, Krishna was not accompanying Heeralal at farms for past three nights.

Today morning when Krishna came to farm, he got shocked to see the headless body of Heeralal on bed. He informed his relatives and later called the police.


Mukesh Gameti, son of Heeralal stated that his father had no enmity with anyone.

Goverdhan Vilas Police has registered the case of murder and started investigation.

UPDATE 5:30PM:  Police suspects that the missing head could be found in the well. As told by police, a draining machine has been installed at the farm well of Naya Ghar to drain the water from it; so that the head can be searched inside the well.
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