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Holi: A synonym of Colorful Life


‘My heart leaps up when I behold a RAINBOW in the sky’, this line by Wordsworth reminds one of colors and colors are always associated with cheerfulness and happiness.

Such is the milieu all around with the Faagutsav in the air; colors and water guns in the market and all waiting eagerly to smear each other’s faces.

This is the zeal and fervor of the festival of HOLI. Festivals add meaning to our life and fill us with novelty to work more enthusiastically in an otherwise mechanical routine.

Every celebration becomes memorable as these are a part of our traditions, which are seated deep in our subconscious minds and these are our guides in organizing and celebrating all the festivals.

Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated on the full moon day of Faalgun; the last month of the Hindu calendar. holika-dahan1

Like most of the Hindu festivals, this also reminds people of the victory of virtue over evil and it is preached through the story of the legendary Prahlad who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. His father, Hirankashayap was a demon and considered himself above all and disliked his son worshipping the Lord Vishnu. He asked his sister Holika to sit on the pyre with Prahlad as she had a boon to defy fire; however, God protected his devotee and Holika was burnt alive.


Since then, the day is marked to commemorate the victory of good by the symbolic burning of HOLI. To celebrate this victory, the next day is day is dedicated to expression of happiness by smearing each other with colors. This day is known as Dhulandi.

With the passage of time, the manner of celebration is also undergoing change but the zeal and fervor still occupies the hearts. The children are especially keen to get a variety of water guns and balloons available in the market, while elders can be seen buying gulal and sweets for the celebration.


Everyone is brimming with happiness and gaiety to celebrate Holi with all its colors amidst the ongoing school and university examinations.

On this occasion, Udaipur Times.com wishes all its readers, subscribers, advertisers and Udaipurites a very Happy Holi. We pray to the Almighty to gift you all the colors of Joy; Happiness; Friendship and Love to paint the canvass of your life.

We also humbly request all to burn Holi symbolically to save the environment and trees. Also beware of harmful colors. So come and join hands to celebrate an Eco-friendly Holi.

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Holi!!

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