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Housemaid and her Husband Charged with Robbing Owner

The Hiran Magri Police has arrested a housemaid and her husband on charges of stealing from her masters house.

Subsequent to a complaint lodged by Narendra Talreja, resident of Sector 3 Hiran Magri, the police arrested his housemaid Sumitra Bharti and her husband Prem Kumar on charges of robbery.

As per the complaint registered with the police, Narendra, who owns another house at Sector 4, was planning to shift and had asked his housemaid to shift the household items, clothes, bags, etc to the new house.

Sumitra, along with her husband completed the task and handed over the keys to Narendra on 4th June. After shifting to the new house the next day, the owners discovered that a bag containing 16 Tolas of Ornaments was missing.

They enquired about the missing bag with Sumitra, who denied any knowledge of the bag. Narendra immediately went to the Hiran Magri police station and filed a FIR. The police then interrogated the couple and they relented and finally accepted having stolen the bag. All the ornaments except two gold rings were recovered.

2 years ago

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