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How 22 Food Stalls of Sukhadia Circle Serve 30000 People Every Week?


“Idea is a blend conceptualized from mind and circumstances”, to exemplify the quote, 22 food stalls at Udaipur’s famous outing spot Sukhadia Circle are serving nearly 30000 customers every week – without hassle and with perfect coordination.

Unlike the food courts in many malls where customer first purchase food tokens, drop it at various food counters and then collect their food individually, at Bambiya Bazaar of Sukhadia Circle, the same procedure is followed by food vendors and not by customers.

“You just sit and relax at any place you want, order anything or many things and you will be served on your table. Moreover, you have to pay to only one vendor for all your pav-bhaji, pizza, chaat and chole-bhature which were prepared and served separately by different vendors”, says Pushkar Sahu who owns a pav bhaji counter there.

Explaining the procedure further, Pushkar said, “There is nothing atypical. All the food vendors deal with each other through the in-house currency tokens. For example, let’s say I make pav bhaji and if my customer demands pizza then I will give token of Rs.40 to pizza counter and they will serve pizza to my customer while the customer will pay me the total for pav bhaji + pizza. At the end of day, I will pay pizza counter and at the same time will take my token back.”


Two years back things were different, chaos, confusion and arguments between vendors were affecting their business. Each food stall had its own seating arrangement and if the seats were occupied, then customers couldn’t sit at the other table because it belonged to some other vendor’s.

Now customer can sit anywhere because it doesn’t matter where they sit and what they order, at last every vendor gets his share and hence the business of all 22 vendors is flourishing with their own token of coordination.

To make the system perfect, 22 vendors are further divided into groups of three. Each vendor has token with numbers and name of the vendor on it for identification.

The food market witnesses 2-3 thousand people on weekdays whereas on weekends the number even touches to 10000 people.

Token System and mutual coordination between all the vendors improved their presentation and customer satisfaction. This system also stands as an example to other more sophisticated eateries.

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  1. vijay says

    This is amazing concept and working too. Should be reported in the Guinness Book or the Limka Book.
    Thumbs up.


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