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How First Mothers' Milk Bank of State will operate?


With an aim to provide screened, processed and pasteurized Mother’s Milk to protect and support the infants and babies in needs, Divya Mothers’ Milk Bank an NGO organization which operates under Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan is all prepared.

It is the first mother’s milk bank in Rajasthan and is established at Panna Dhai Rajkiya Mahila Chikitsalaya, R.N.T Medical College Udaipur.

Before its launch, a public awareness program was created through media so that more and more donors could come forward and contribute to the noble deed.

Dr. R.K Agarwal, C.O.O of Divya Mothers’ Milk Bank with other officials including Tarannum Sinha, CAO and coordinators Saroj Patel and Archana Shaktawat addressed the media personnel today. “Our aim is to provide pasteurized and processed mother’s milk to infants in need and to improve health of premature and ill infants throughout the nation”, said Dr. Agarwal.


The organization also released document stating FAQ about the organization’s goal and what procedure, terms and condition would be followed by both, the organization and the donors.

Who Receives Donated Mother’s Milk?


Mother’s Milk will be made available through prescription and requisition from the Doctors and hospitals. This would ensure that the milk goes to the babies who are in greatest need of it. The more Mother’s Milk women donate, the better we will be able to meet the demand for all the babies.

  • Infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Infants with life threatening diseases or conditions
  • Multiple birth babies whose mother can’t keep up with the milk required to nourish their infants
  • Mothers who are on medication that may pass into her milk and which can be potentially harmful to the infant
  • With female foundlings on rise, Mahesh Ashram believes that every child, especially girls, have right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. We support and encourage parents to adopt Mahesh Aashram’s children and our Milk Bank will support these mothers to provide their child with Mother’s Milk.


How does Divya Mother’s Milk Bank work?

The donated Mother’s Milk Bank will be processed in the following way:

Scrubbing: The Lab technician thoroughly scrubs her hands with anti-microbial soap before putting on gloves. Gloves are always used when handling mother’s milk as a part of the pasteurization process.

Pouring: Milk from donor mother is carefully transferred from milk storage containers to glass flakes.

Mixing and Pooling: Each pool (which usually includes from 3 to 5 donors) is thoroughly mixed to ensure an even distribution of milk components.

Pasteurization with Holder Method: Milk is gently heated in a shaking water bath using the Holder Method of pasteurization. Pasteurization eliminates bacteria while retaining the majority of the milk beneficial components.

Lab Testing: Milk Samples are taken during the pasteurization process and cultured to check for bacterial growth. Contaminated milk is discarded.

Pasteurized Milk: Milk is now ready for freezing and storage. It can be dispensed after samples are cultured and show no bacteria growth. Milk is frozen at (-) 20 degree Celsius and given frozen to hospitals and individual recipients.


How can you support Divya Mother’s Milk Bank?

The NGO need awareness programs including camps etc. They also are looking forward towards various promotional activities etc. Contact 9414033382, 9414088892 and help them in helping infants and babies in need.

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