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I am a victim of conspiracy: Dr. Suresh Goyal


Dr. Suresh Goyal (in photo), Senior Pediatrician and HOD of R.N.T Medical College’s Pediatric Department has clearly denied all allegations of blackmailing made by resident doctor Umang Upadhyay for pressurizing him to get patients to his private clinic, failing which his examination performance would be negatively affected.

In a conversation with media personnel today, Dr. Goyal has rejected the accusation and has claimed to have become a victim of conspiracy.

According to the news circulated through the local media, Dr Umang Upadhyay, who has already completed his post graduation and has been appointed in a government job, has blamed Dr. Suresh Goyal of blackmailing, insulting and pressurizing for transferring patients to his private clinic. According to Dr. Upadhyay, Dr. Goyal has threatened to fail him in the exams.

As per the news published in one of the reputed local print medium, Dr. Upadhyay blamed Dr. Goyal for mental torture, using abusive words in front of patients and threatening over the past many months.

Dr. Upadhyay told media that he finally complained to all senior authorities including the Health Minister, Health Education Secretary, National Human Rights Committee, District Collector and the Principal of R.N.T Medical College.

Dr. S.K Kaushik, Principal of RNT Medical College has said that “we have already made an investigation committee comprising of Dr. Narendra Mogra and Dr. Khare; they will give their report In the coming 3-4 days.”

Dr. Goyal has also hinted at taking legal action against the media for alleged defamation.

Report by Sohail Khan

3 years ago

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  1. Harsh Vardhan Mehta says

    Nothing surprising. The way medical profession behaves in Udaipur and all of Rajasthan, they can put touts at brothels to shame. Instead of practicing a noble profession, they have become street boys. Even if doctors can behave like a human being, they will still make tons of money. But to extort patients in the name of clinical investigations at particular diagnostic center they are just taking general public for a ride. Every right thinking person knows, how it is to get himself treated in government hospitals (specially if one is poor).

  2. Raja says

    The charges looks highly suspicious…May be Doctor’s choice to scold the boy in front of patients have made him the target of fresher’s revenge. No reputed doctor would choose to take such a risky step.
    It is almost impossible to determine the validity of charges since it is a complex case. However, if charges are unsubstantiated the doctor must sue the boy for defamation…taking panga with media would not be a sound decision since Media mafia can break anyone’s morale.


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