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Inspection for Underground Parking at UMC Campus

For the proposed project of Underground Parking at Hathiwala Park, Town Hall, Project Consultant from Ridcore Company, S.S Chaturvedi, inspected the location following the instructions from Director of Department of Local Self Government.

During the inspection, officials of Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) and Municipal Council, including UMC chairperson Rajni Dangi, were also present. They discussed on various possibilities of the project.

According to Rajni Dangi, Chaturvedi will forward a Geophysical Report to the Department of Local Self Government, where, after a DPR (Daily Project Report) for the same, it will be prepared for approval. “After the approval, Council will complete the construction work within a time period of one year”, added Rajni Dangi.

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  1. vijay says

    Sorry for for commenting on your comment policy, but UT you have international audience.
    Municipal Council is now Municipal Corporation. This has been reported by UT and the Gov of Rajasthan.
    DPR, as I think is Detail Project Report and not Daily Project Report.

  2. vajrasar says

    @vijay: The status of Municipal Corporation is from the next fiscal year i.e. from 1st April, 2013.


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