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International Conference ends with an emphasis on 'Made By India' products for Sustainable Growth


Today, on the second and concluding day of an erudite International Conference on ‘Challenges for Industrial Survival & Growth in Indian and Global Perspective’ at Pacific Hills, some important research papers based on HR, Marketing and Finance were read.

Among other results and interesting conclusions deducted through the research papers, it came out that Indian growth story can be sustained only if emphasis is laid on ‘Made By India’ products rather than ‘Made In India’ products. What it means is that the Indian businesses should develop and produce the products in India rather than just assemble them here.

Citing an example of the Swiss model, it was emphasized that there must be coordination between industrial and academic development for rise in job opportunities and sustainable development in India.


Conference Director Dr Mahendra Sojatiya shared that in the concluding ceremony, Professor Karunesh Saxena and Professor G L Dave talked about management techniques and commercial and industrial policies required for overall growth of the country.

The conference, in which 400 educationists, researchers and students participated, was organized jointly by Pacific Institute of Business Studies and Wonder Cement. In the concluding ceremony, UCC President Mahendra Taya and Seva mandir President Ajay Mehta were also present.

2 years ago

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