7 idols stolen from Jain temple

7 idols were stolen from a Jain temple in Bhuwana.

7 idols stolen from Jain temple

7 idols have been stolen from Jain temple in Bhuwana. This is the seventh theft in last 24 days.

7 idols made of ashtdhatu(8 metals) were stolen from Shantinath Digamber Jain temple in Bhuwana on Tuesday. In the last 24 days, this is the 7th occurrence of theft in the city. People from Jain community gave a representation to SP Rajendra Goyal in this matter.

Paras Chittora ,Broadcast Minister of Jain society, said that the thieves broke open the main door of the temple. They even tried to break the second door but could not succeed. There is a window on one side of the temple wall which is covered with mesh. Thieves broke the mesh and entered the temple. There were 7 idols made of ashtdhatu in the temple which have been stolen along with some other stuff. The idols were of Shantinath Bhagwan, Mahaveer Swami, Bhagwan Parshavanath, Adinath Bhagwan and Padmawati respectively.

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