Case against accused in Shobhagpura property fraud

Case registered against people involved in Shobhagpura property fraud.

Case against accused in Shobhagpura property fraud

A case has been registered against the 2 accused people in matter of fraud regarding property at Shobhagpura.

Former Sarpanch of Shobhagpura had a property worth 20 crores in front of Royal Raj Vilas. Devi Lal Dangi the owner of this property was approached by 2 people who drugged him into selling this property for 60 lakhs. The matter was reported to Sukher police and DGP was also approached to interfere into this matter.

FIR has been lodged against Anirudh Majumdar of Sector 5 in Hiranmagri and Anil Harkawat. Three complaints have been lodged in this case. First FIR was against Vijay Sahu s/o Ram Chandra Sahu resident of Nalwaya chowk, Lokesh Sahu s/o Gopal Sahu resident of Ramdwara chowk and Mukesh Joshi s/o SureshJjoshi resident of Madar. This was done on 20th July for division of property by wrong means. Second FIR was against Deepak Joshi resident of Krishna complex near Roop Sagar. Deepak has been accused of taking 2 lakh rupees from Devi Lal Dangi for paying bribe to police but he ran away with the money. Third FIR was lodged against Anirudh and Anil.

Former Sarpanch Devi Lal Dangi’s land was under acquisition during the construction of Shobhagpura circle. As per report, land mafia mislead Dangi stating that they would get him a compensation for his land under acquisition. They drugged him into signing a document which stated that he sold 15000 sq ft of his acquired land to this land mafia. When this fraud was discovered, Devi Lal Dangi along with Former legislator Pushkar Lal Dangi and Sita Ram Dangi approached DGP to interfere in this matter of fraud.

Police have registered a case of fraud against Anirudh Majumdar and Anil Harkawat and are now investigating the matter.

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