Construction in eco-sensitive zone of Sajjangarh area

Illegal construction around the Sajjangarh eco-sensitive area must be stopped.

Construction in eco-sensitive zone of Sajjangarh area

Sajjangarh sanctuary area falls under the eco-sensitive zone. Despite this, the peace and beauty of this area has been encroached. There have been complaints by the forest department that hotels are being constructed in this eco-sensitive area. They have demanded strict action against the hotels in their written complaint to UIT.

Administration is not paying heed to the constructions that are going at great speed in this area. Since this kind of activity falls under illegal construction and is hazardous to the peace of the sanctuary, forest department has demanded that all constructions be stopped immediately. As per a notification issued in February 2017 by the Central government, the sanctuary area was declared eco-sensitive so as to protect both wild-life and society. It was declared that the natural environment must be maintained and the peace of wild life must not be disturbed. This area is a specially conserved area and people from all over visit the sanctuary.

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UIT Secretary Ujjwal Rathore said that directives have been issued to find details as per the complaint of the forest department. All illegal construction will be stopped after proper investigations.

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