Dog bites 3 innocent kids-1 serious

Stray dogs attack kids.

Dog bites 3 innocent kids-1 serious

Dogs attacking people on the roads has become a common issue. Stray dogs attack and even bite people and when innocent kids are attacked, it is most heart rendering. 3 kids were attacked and bitten by dogs in different incidents.

A little girl was on her way to the anganbadi with a helper when a dog attacked her. Anjali Dangi (3 years) was in for this terrifying incident. The helper Kanta along with the people nearby somehow managed to shoo the dog away and rushed the little child to the local hospital where she was given first aid and then referred to hospital in Udaipur.

In yet another incident, Bhavi (5) and Rishika Purohit (7) were bitten by a dog in Anopaura village. Bhavi is reportedly serious and was rushed to MB Hospital in Udaipur. The residents have complained that stray dogs have become a big nuisance in these areas.

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