Hanging electrical wires in Polo Ground pose a threat on life

Hanging electric wires are a threat for life.

Hanging electrical wires in Polo Ground pose a threat on life

Residents of Polo Ground are in danger as the hanging wires from electrical poles are posing to be threatening. There are many areas in the city which are facing similar issues. The transformers are lying on the ground; electrical boxes have no cover on them.

An electrical power cable is passing through one of the government quarters in Polo Ground. As informed, the cable is not as per standard level and this is quite a matter of concern. The electricity department shifted 3 of the electrical poles from the government quarter area to the road, but 3 are yet to be shifted. The relevant officers have been notified a number of times about this threat but no action has yet been taken.

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There were reports of a cow being electrocuted in Eklingpura area about which the residents said that they had informed the electricity department about the current passing through and people had received shock a number of times. The officers visited their area only after they were told about the cow being electrocuted.

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