Leakage continues in Goverdhan Sagar pal

ALERT-Leakage in Goverdgan Sagar pal

Leakage continues in Goverdhan Sagar pal

Goverdhan Sagar pal has suffered a leakage which can prove to be extremely disastrous if it is not mended at the earliest. It may be noted that 13 years back the areas near Goverdhan Sagar had faced a flood like situation because of overflow. Many houses had 4 to 5 feet water and boats were used to rescue people in the colonies.

The issue of crack in the pal was noticed a day back but before anything could be done, a part of the land touching the water body sunk breaking down the railings. As per reports, the wall alongisde Goverdhan Sagar sunk to a length of 30 feet. The tree guards also came down and a decorative pole bent to a side. Primafacie it seems that during the construction of the railings, strength of the foundation was ignored which has resulted in this condition. With the waves striking the sides, the land is weakening and the load of railings is adding to the destruction. If the pal is not repaired immediately, it is likely to cause destruction in the form of flood in the nearby areas. Hoping that administration will look into this urgently and save public of Goverdhan Vilas.

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