Mutilation of Pratap’s statue-Public agitated

Maharana Pratap's statue mutilated in Bhutala.

Mutilation of Pratap’s statue-Public agitated

Maharana Pratap’s statue has been found mutilated in Bhutala village. Public is agitated and demanding strict action in this matter.

Some unknown people mutilated the statue of Mewar’s pride Maharana Pratap in Bhutala. Reportedly, when some people gathered near a hand pump close to the statue, they discovered that the spear of Maharana Pratap was broken down and a part of his hand was also damaged. Villagers collected on getting this information and protested against this act.

As reported by the public in Bhutala, this was the third time that someone fiddled with the statue and damaged it. Police was informed about the incident. Regional head of Shiv Sena, Harish Shrimali and Kamlendra Singh Panwar of Bajrang Sena also reached the spot with their team. As per Panwar, administration is negligent towards such issues and that is the reason why such incidents keep happening. Both Shiv Sena and Bajrang Sena warned that if the accused in this case are not arrested in the next 5 days, public would resort to show downs. Public also demanded a repair of the statue.

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