No road, no lights in South extension Balicha area

Absence of good roads and lights in Balicha area

No road, no lights in South extension Balicha area  

The issues of roads and street lights are causing much discomfort in South extension,Balicha. Public has accused housing board administration of sleeping over the issue. The absence of roads and lights is giving rise to thefts in the area. The road is full of pot holes which is making it difficult for the people to walk and a lot many children have received injuries as the pot holes become invisible after dark.

The area has a park which is drying up due to negligence. The plantations are dying which is destroying the beauty of this area. Public has also pointed that there is no night-watch facility by police which is giving rise to thefts. The housing board administration was intimated about these issues but they are not looking into the matter seriously. The indifferent attitude of administration is destroying peace in the colony.

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