No, you are not being watched-Cameras out of order

Surveillance cameras not working well in the city or not working at all.

No, you are not being watched-Cameras out of order

If you think that someone who just snatched your bag will be caught via camera footages, then think again as you must know that the surveillance cameras in the city are not working properly. It may be noted that 800 cameras were supposed to be installed but only 236 were done out of which 22 are completely out of order.

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Basically the city’s main points are lacking surveillance as there is no provision of this third eye. There are no cameras in the main centres of the city. Every now and then roads are dug up and the camera cables get cut or destroyed and this goes unnoticed or unattended. Tourists and local public are being victimised almost daily by miscreants be it chain snatching, eve teasing, bag snatching, robberies, murders etc. People break traffic rules and escape in the absence of proofs. Vehicles are being stolen, ATMs are being broken but the cameras are of no use. The witnesses-the third eyes-the cameras are not functioning and administration is not vigilant enough to repair these much in need equipments. So think before you rely on these mechanisms to assist in your rescue or to get your valuables back.

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