Non-availability of e-ricks results in failure of no vehicle zone

E-rickshaws are a must for the inner city.

Non-availability of e-ricks results in failure of no vehicle zone

The idea of no-vehicle zone from Rang Niwas to Jagdish Chowk has proved to be a failure due to non-availability of e-rickshaws. ‘No-vehicle’ zone was declared to avoid traffic issues in the inner city. But this idea failed as the promised facility of e-rickshaws to facilitate transportation could not be carried out.

To begin with the no-vehicle zone, it was initially decided to create parking area so that public doesn’t have to park their vehicles on roadsides which blocks traffic. Parking zones were created in PWD area but even this didn’t work out as there were no e-ricks available to move into the inner city area. After showing their ID proofs, residents of the inner city area could move in with their vehicles, else all other 4-wheelers were prohibited from entering the narrow lanes.

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The absence of e-ricks made it almost impossible for the businessmen inside the city area to reach their venues. Walking daily to the shops, offices and hotels from the parking zone requires covering a long distance which was opposed by all. This put an end to the idea of no-vehicle zone.

 Unless e-rickshaw facility is made available, the no-vehicle zone will not work out and traffic will become a huge issue in the inner city. It may be noted that the inner areas have a lot of tourist spots and also schools and traffic jams are a regular issue.

(news source : patrika)

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