Oops!! Makoda (carpenter ant) in mango ice cream

Ice cream me मकोड़ा - अब ये क्या बात हुई भाई !!

Oops!! Makoda (carpenter ant) in mango ice cream

There has been loads of news about foreign bodies in food products. Years back, we heard about stapler pins and match sticks and even worms in chocolate bars. Then there was news about fungus in lots of eatables. People have even reported house flies and spiders in tetra packs containing juice.

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The latest news is that of finding a makoda (carpenter ant) in ice cream. A youth from Pratapnagar area reported that he found a makoda inside the mango ice cream. He said that he bought this ice cream from a grocery store in Pratapnagar. After reaching home, he opened the ice cream wrapper and found that there was a makoda inside the ice cream. A complaint has been sent to the customer care centre of the company. The sample will be tested on Monday.

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