Picture of Sri Nath Ji clicked inside temple-Security overruled

Security breach at Sri Nath Ji temple, Nathdwara.

Picture of Sri Nath Ji clicked inside temple-Security overruled

The security at Sri Nath Ji temple, Nathdwara was overruled and someone clicked a picture of the deity and made it viral over social media. The biggest question that arises is that despite strict regulations how anyone could enter the temple with a mobile phone when there is a ban on carrying cameras and mobile phones inside the temple!!

There are 140 security men around the temple and 60 of them are posted inside the temple premises for security check. The image is being circulated since past 3 days. Police says that they received the information of security breach and now they are investigating as to who is responsible for clicking the image. The viral image is supposedly of the Rajbhog Jhanki and has been clicked from the front side.

Picture of Sri Nath Ji clicked inside temple-Security overruled

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The temple security consists of 47 Sri Nath guards, 60 Home Guards, 25 jawans of Tiger Force, 4 retired personnel of the army, 8 Rajasthan police jawans and 3 Border Home Guards jawans. The temple is also equipped with 116 security surveillance cameras. There are metal detectors as well. As per police officials, assistance from cyber experts is being taken to find out the person responsible behind the incident. The commanding officer said that there are possibilities of some VVIP clicking the picture as during the Rajbhog Jhanki there are mostly VVIP guests inside the temple.

Because of this incident, now even the staff of the temple has been prohibited from carrying mobile phones. The breach of security will be dealt with extreme strictness from now on.

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