Power line gets cut in Mallatalai-12 hours of discomfort

12 hour power failure in Mallatalai area.

Power line gets cut in Mallatalai-12 hours of discomfort

Residents of Mallatalai area were forced to face 12 hours for discomfort when the power line got cut. Reportedly a private cellular service company was in the process of laying underground cables on Saturday evening. They used machines and JCB for digging road for the cable spreading work. Employees from electricity department warned them about the presence of underground electricity cables. Around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday while the cable work of the cellular company was still going on, the power lines got cut and the areas of Mallatalai, Haridas ji ki Magri, Chandpole and many other nearby areas suffered power cut for 12 hours. Humidity is already at its peak and the power failure made it difficult for the masses to manage the entire day.

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When the employees of the electricity department were informed of power cut, they tried to find the place of fault but could not. Despite all the efforts when they could not find the affected portion, they spread lines across the poles to resume power supply. The entire process took 12 hours and public experienced relief around 4 p.m. on Sunday.

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