Public stands against Saras booths on road sides

Roadside kiosks being opposed by public.

Public stands against Saras booths on road sides

Saras booth kiosks on roadside are being extensively opposed by public. Just a day ago, a Saras booth opened in Dhoolkot area was opposed as it was on the roadside where heavy traffic is witnessed everyday. Now another booth that has been allotted in Bhupalpura is the target of public.

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As per the opposition raised by public regarding these booths, the ward councillor has no knowledge of this kiosk at roadside near Bansi paan. The place was allotted by Municipal Corporation without prior intimation to the ward councillor. The biggest issue is that Bhupalpura road outside the Collector’s residence and Bansi paan shop is an extremely busy road. Traffic is at its peak the entire day, hence having a kiosk at this point will only increase traffic issues and also prove to be dangerous. It is now to be seen as to what action is taken regarding this issue.

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