Road left unrepaired after sewerage line work

Negligence of contractors-Roads are not being mended after sewerage work.

Road left unrepaired after sewerage line work

Residents of North Sunderwas area are troubled by the fact that the contractors responsible for the sewerage line work have been over negligent and have left the roads in a pathetic condition. They said that the sewerage work began around 2 months back. The contractor did not take care of repairing the road after the completion of work which has made it difficult for them to use the road. The road is full of slime and people are not able to move out of their houses as they can’t even take their vehicles out.

The sewerage work even damaged the water supply pipe lines of some of the houses. With great difficulty they managed to get hold of the contractor and forced him to pack the road with mud. Another issue is that the contractor has started digging the road once again to establish a channel between two houses so that water from one house can go to other house.

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