Sewerage water flows on Rampura road

Sewerage water flowing on the road in Rampura might enter Pichola.

Sewerage water flows on Rampura road

Residents of Rampura area are facing issues because of the dirty sewerage water flowing on the road. The sewerage man-hole is probably full and contaminated water is oozing out of it. The stench is unbearable and the water on the road has made it difficult for the people to move out. The area councillor was informed about this who in turn spoke to the authorities in Municipal Corporation.

The Municipal Corporation authorities blamed it on UIT and the officers in UIT responded saying that the responsibility of sewerage system of this area was handed over to Municipal Corporation. Public is now suffering as no one is taking the responsibility. If the problem persists, there is all the possibility that the sewerage water will enter Lake Pichola and contaminate the lake as well.

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