Showdown against parking issues at Durga Nursery road

No parking-No business...Durga Nursery road is facing parking issues.

Showdown against parking issues at Durga Nursery road

Parking is one of the major issues in Udaipur city. The city is overcrowded with vehicles and parking areas are nowhere to be seen. Durga Nursery road area was declared an ideal road. BUT the main issue raised by the businessmen in this area is that of negative effect on their business because the customers cannot park their vehicles outside shops. The shop owners claim that they unable to shell out rent of the shops in the absence of proper business.

It has been informed that the shop owners have suffered huge financial loss in the past one month and this was not the scene earlier. Since customers are forced to walk a long distance to the shops after parking their vehicles elsewhere, they are moving away to the other markets. There is a demand to broaden the road at Durga Nursery shopping area. In addition to this, action must be taken against those who are using the parking areas as shops. There are various offices as well in this area and the employees park their vehicles in Shiv Park colony. This has become troublesome for the residents of this colony.

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Following this major issue, the District Collector has assured the businessmen that yellow strips will be made on both sides of the road and action will be taken against those who have occupied the parking areas illegally. Hoping that the issue is resolved at the earliest…

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