Toll staff misbehaves with tourists

Toll staff misbehaves with tourists.

Toll staff misbehaves with tourists

There is news of toll staff misbehaving with tourists at Negadia toll plaza at Udaipur-Gomti four lane. Reportedly, a Gujarati woman ‘established’ herself on the road in order to protest against the staff.

On Monday, an argument took place between toll staff and Gujarati tourists. Apparently, toll staff was taking too much time and tourists got irritated and protested against the working of toll staff. The toll bouncers got agitated and started misbehaving with the tourists. After this, the Gujarati lady sat down on the road in order to protest against the staff’s attitude.

Both parties registered a complain t in Delwara police station. Police took written complaints from both parties and assured the tourists of strict action in the matter. SI Madho Singh said that the Gujarati tourists were on their way back to Udaipur after visiting Sri Nathji. They had an argument with toll staff at Negadia toll plaza.

The tourists complained that they had to wait for more than half an hour in queue. Hence they demanded to move ahead without paying the toll. This became the point of argument between tourists and toll staff. After the arguments, a Gujarati woman sat on the road accusing the toll staff of misbehaviour. Police were informed who reached the spot and somehow pacified both the parties.

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