Tourists spots shouting for warning signs-When are we getting them?

Warning sign boards are urgently needed at tourist spots.

Tourists spots shouting for warning signs-When are we getting them?

Udaipur has a lot of tourist spots which attract everyone. It is especially during a good weather that these tourist spots are frequented by public. Youths are by and large more interested in moving to these beautiful spots every now and then. The trouble is that these most frequented spots do not have the urgently required warning signs.

A good weather attracts everyone and after a prolonged span of heat, a change in weather is provoking enough for the youth to move to open areas where natural beauty and cool breeze is utmost relaxing. The craze of selfie knows no end but is well known to have ended many lives. With the lack of warning signs at tourist spots, selfie deaths are more likely to create more death records in the coming times. Each picnic or tourist spot is shouting for warning signs yet no sign boards have yet been planted. While taking selfies, people cross the danger limit mostly because they are unaware of the blind spot or prefer to ignore it. Selfie at these spots becomes more important than their own lives.

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Tourists spots shouting for warning signs-When are we getting them?

In a meeting held long back, it was decided to declare certain areas as no-selfie zones and warning boards were to be placed but the action has not yet been taken. Following a number of selfie-deaths, a meeting by tourism department will be held on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. A quick action is the demand of the time. Initially it was decided to place warning signs on certain hilly areas and lake ghats. Only Badi Lake has a sign board, the others are yet to be done. Administration must take this issue on priority and place warning sign boards as early as possible to avoid more mishaps in future, not to mention the much awaited spell of monsoon that draws public to picnic spots.

(BUT is only administration responsible? When are we going to stay alert??)

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