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IVF Boom “Closed Working Chambers” to Start in Udaipur

Indira Infertility Clinic & I.V.F. centre in Udaipur held a press conference today to announce the inauguration of “close working chambers”, which is launched first time in India at Udaipur for I.V.F. (in vitro fertilization).

The inauguration would be on 2nd May 2011 from 11am to 3pm.This closed chamber is made for the process of embryo implant through I.V.F.-test tube baby technique.

ivf-General-OTThe clinic is providing I.V.F.-test tube baby at affordable price. Ajay Murdia -The founder and MD of Indira Infertility Clinic explained the functioning and features and narrated details about the infertility and its solutions.

By adding a new feather to their cap, a new crown has come into Udaipur, a world class medical technology which has come first time in India. Indira Infertility & I.V.F. centre has planned to provide all world class medical procedures under one roof.

“The closed working chamber in which embryo fertilization in done, is all equipped with such kind of facilities where a fetus can be fertilized in order to produce test tube baby. There is O2 present in less than 5%, and CO2 is 6% with the temperature of 37%, and all this favors the fertilization” Ajay Murdia explained.

List of all procedures include IVF/ICSI, laser assisted hatching, blastocyst culture and transfer, pre genetic diagnosis and screening, embryo vertification, frozen embryo transfer, ocyte preservation, sperm preservation etc.

“Above mentioned packages would include all Anesthesia, Doctor fees, OT charges, Disposables, Ward Charges etc. So no hidden cost would be there. We have a transparent system here and all this we are providing without any compromises with quality.” Dr Ajay Murdia said.

Laser assisted hatching which is available at just 1 or 2 places in India, is also brought in this total infertility treatment package. Embryo biopsy is a technique to diagnose genetic disease in the embryo. Polar body biopsy is a sort of diagnosis for hereditary disease.

Dr. Murdia also briefed about the types of Infertility which is primary-from birth, and secondary-problem in conceiving next baby. He said that in recent times, around 20% married couples have this complain of infertility. 40% females & 30% males or sometimes both complain of suffering from fertility complications. He also simplified the complicated medical jargons and technologies in understandable terms.

He ended the conference by adding, “We want to make sure, that every family, regardless of their financial status, should be a happy & healthy family.”

The chief guests in inauguration would be Dr.C.P.Joshi (cabinet minister, Road Transport & highway, Govt of India). Guests of honor would include Almuddin Ahmad Khan (Health Minister of Govt of Rajasthan). Pratap Singh Singhvi (former minister in U.D.H, games and forests of Govt. of Rajasthan) and Vijay Jain (Former Director Rajasthan Warehousing Corporation) would be special guests.

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  1. ankur bihani says

    I would like to know the following details
    1. the cost of the treatment.
    2.the duration of the treatment
    3.the success rate

    • Dr Sudha Gupta says

      To Dr. Murdia,hello
      Here i am Dr sudha gupta from Gandhinagar (capital) Gujrat-As I am 45 years without issue evrything is normal what I should do ? I should go for IUI . How Succese rate . I did you phone call to u .You invite to come Udaipur. First of all I want to see u my my all file.So Please give me your email address to attech my all papers .This coming 6th August is my 18th day. so I should set my program.


    can a patient with advanced endometriosis,bilateral tubal block& cystic ovaries concieve through IVF ? What are the factors obstructing / responsible for failure in IVF process?

  3. brijesh maheshwari says

    hi i am 30 year old and i want to know about test tube baby .and how much expense required for the same my cntact no is 9929289000

  4. dr.vandana joshi says

    meree umra 45 saal hai. mono poss kaa time bhee chal raha hai . Kya meree god haree ho sakatee hai. main indore me rahatee hoon. yadee treement ke liye ana ho to kis condithon men ana uchit hoga.

  5. raj modiem says

    I would like to know the following
    (1) cost of treatment (test,oT charges,drugs etc)
    (2) duration of treatment
    (3) success rate

  6. raj modiem says

    i would know to before ivf treatment – fellopion tube checked for any damage/block or other any desease & its remedies ,cost (cost of laproscopy test) in case of ivf -total cost of ivf treatment (cost of test,cost of drugs, hospital charges & other charges etc)

  7. amit prasad says




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