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KFC Arrives in Udaipur, going to start soon

Although there is no specific data we have, which can state the development of Udaipur commercially in the right direction or not but one thing is certainly true that the food of Udaipur is constantly reforming with well known food chains introducing their presence in the land of Mewar. U.S fast food giant KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is shortly opening its first outlet in Udaipur at an ‘still under-construction’ Lake City Mall on Durga Nursery Road. Currently, the mall’s exteriors is getting its final touch, however still most of the work is yet to be completed and is expected to take 2-3 months to start. KFC has put up their brand logo and readied the restaurant cum takeaway.  According to Karan Singh, who is appointed from KFC corporate office at Gurgaon, KFC Udaipur is almost ready.  “We just need to install our equipment”, said Karan who refused commenting further on the vital statstics of KFC Udaipur as he is not authorized. But he said that there is still 60% of work left in Lake City Mall so there is no tentative date of when the foodies of Udaipur can enjoy the tantalizing KFC delicacies. Photos of KFC store at an upcoming mall of Udaipur are already spread on facebook as after Mc Donald’s; KFC is the biggest food chain coming to Udaipur.  The next fast food giant expected to open in Lake City Mall is Pizza Hut. Fast Food and its health affect is a long debate nevertheless, the young generation of Udaipur is waiting desperately for these new hangout destinations. KFC Launched News
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  1. Rajeev says

    Thanks for update but hope showcasing of KFC is not to sell space in mall ! And KFC opens their outlet sooner than anticipated !



  1. […] KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) opened its first restaurant in Rajasthan today at Udaipur’s Lake City Mall, near Ayad. KFC is also the first store opening in the newly constructed mall, which is still waiting to be fully operational. […]

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