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KFC Starts in Udaipur


KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) opened its first restaurant in Udaipur’s Lake City Mall, near Ayad.  KFC is also the first store opening in the newly constructed mall, which is still waiting to be fully operational.


With the start of KFC in Udaipur, another popular fast-food giant Mc Donald’s at Celebration Mall is going to face stern competition from its arch rival; however fast-food aficionados of the city will get multiple options to satiate their obsessions.


KFC was inaugurated today morning and the KFC staff has cheerfully started the first day of their jobs and have wished to be successful in Udaipur city.

Correction and Apologies: In this news, it was earlier mentioned that KFC Udaipur is first in Rajasthan. KFC is available in Jaipur.  The correction is made and we apologize for misinformation.

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  1. gopal babel says

    fun with junk food but do not eat so much it will cause heart attack and more problems create in human body ….
    take care all mewar ……….

  2. shabbir says

    UT get your facts right …there are already two outlets of KFC in Jaipur and u have mentioned that its First in Rajsthan

  3. TaHa says

    Is it going to be HALAL chicken? Can The UT reporters confirm this if by any means they have to come to knew about this.

  4. GoHerb.eu - Herbalife Independent Distributor says

    welcome to one of the bigggest junk food chain in the world :-)

  5. TaHa says

    @Mango People: There is nothing to be a racist, its just as until a HALAL board is hanged outside KFC will be loosing its customers as people who prefer to eat HALAL will avoid, like CHAWLAS2 is avoided by majority who eats HALAL

  6. TaHa says

    To add to the above, just as if McDonalds [Celebration Mall] starts selling Beef burgers which it does in majority of the western and middle eastern countries, a specific category of people who do not eat beef will avoid even if they want to eat a veg burger :)

  7. Mango People says

    Hellloooooo your comments are Racist man a lot… you are targeting on simply 1 community and i guess its little racist..
    and by the way its not middle east or west dude its INDIA… non HALAL eaters are more so logically they will repel more costumers they they put a board “HALAL”
    and still i haven’t seen any board around any where in INDIA in KFC or in McD’s

  8. Narpat Singh says

    Good to know that new option is available in our city.. Definately i will visit it for crunchy nuggets..:)

  9. Hatim says

    I believe what needs to be appreciated is the fact that for an overwhelming majority in our country, matters of faith play an important part in all aspects of daily life, the violation of which amounts to sacrilege. It is in this context that Taha’s comments should be understood. It is standard practice in many countries for food products to be labeled or certified as being compliant with and conforming to religious requirements. In many Islamic countries food products are labeled “halal” or “not for Muslims”. In the US too it is common for food products and restaurants to be certified/declared as being “kosher” for the benefit of the Jewish community there. Even here in India packaged food products have green or red symbols to indicate whether or not the contents are vegetarian, keeping in mind religious sensibilities. For the same reason several restaurants in India, including McDonalds if I am not mistaken, maintain separate kitchen facilities for preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Not so long ago some members of the Sikh community too here in India had raised a demand for non-vegetarian restaurants to declare whether or not they serve “halal” food. Their contention was that most non-vegetarian restaurants in India serve “halal” whereas it is expressly forbidden for Sikhs to consume such meat.

    In light of the above I believe Taha’s comments are entirely reasonable. They do not denigrate, offend or discriminate against any community, religion, race, class or group of people and hence cannot be construed as being racist by any stretch of the imagination.

    In any case, I am not sure UT would know whether or not KFC serves “halal” and it may be best to direct this enquiry to the KFC management.

  10. TaHa says

    Aaam Aadmin a.k.a. Mango People: Visit Oberoi Mall Goregaon East Mumbai and you will find a big sign board with words HALAL written in English [HALAL] and Arabic [ الحلال ] and another at the Mumbai international airport I found similar boards.

  11. Farista says

    Hey! Please do not fight again on your religion. Abhi bhi aap log dharm or jati per bakwas ker rahe ho. Bhai tumko khana hai to khayo, paisa to aap hi logo ko dena hai. Verna aapne-apne hisab se ghar per hi KFC banao or ais kero. Muje to aisa lagta hai aap log vegiterian food ko bhi apne dharma ke anoosar kat-2 ke ya phir halal ker kha rahe honge. Kuch to sharm kerni chahiye. Waise dekha jaye to adhi ladai to aise hi hoti. Lagta hai non-veg. khana bhi jati ho gayi. Netao ko is traf dhyan dena chahiye, unko ye point bhi cast main samil ker dena chahiye.

    Sabse badi bat hai, non-veg khane walon ka dimaag hamesh bakwas kerne main hi laga rahta hai. Ye us janwar ka hi ashar hai jo insano main ghar ker jata hai. I hope you all understood about this. GOD bless you.

    • TaHa says

      Dear Fa-rista,
      Non veg log kon sa janwar khate hai?, goat, bull, cows, hens and these animal are consider to be non violent as they themselves are vegetarians and eat grass etc, to agar ghaas phoos khane wale janwar khane se non vegetarian bakwaas kar sakta hai to fir vegetarian aadmi jab khood ghaas phoos,vegetable khata hai to fir kya karta hoga? I hope you got what i mean to say.

      And moreover if anyone says he/she is a pure vegetarian he is the biggest liar in this world, lets start from milk, a by product of cow comes from animal body and may contain animal fat, second take curd [dahi] put a drop below the microscope slide and i bet you will never eat it again in your lifetime, water third, take a drop and again do same as you did with curd and believe me you will die of thirst. And what do you think these vegetation [fruits and vegetables] are not living google and you will come to know.

  12. Farista says

    Hello Mr. @Ta-Ha, chalo ye batein discuss kerne ki ho sakti hai, but aap log unneccessary bakwas ker rahe the isse pahle. Han prakerti ne jo chise sirf natural khane ke liye banayi wo hi aapki v insono ke liye labh dayak hai.

    Aap jaldi sambhal jaye to achha hai. Aap bhi apne bachho kuch sikha payenge. Verna bahs or mansik jung main koi anter nahi hai.

    • TaHa says

      Olryt Brother Farishta,
      I give you another example, cows, goats, bulls, deers and other herbivorous[plant eating] animals have a teeth sets called “molars [flat teeths – can google this]” which are use to chew and grind food like grass, leaves and fodder etc, similarly carnivorous animals [meat eaters] have a “canines” [can google this too] which are sharp and pointed to tear meat and crack bones of animals they eat.
      The point is herbivorous does not have “canines” whereas “carnivorous” does not have “molars” it means that nature “prakruti” has clearly defined who will eat what. Now, human beings [manushya, insaan, aadmi] has both “canines” as well as “molars” [again you can google] so nature has already made human to eat both vegetation and meat else we would be fitted only molars like cows. Hope this clarifies more.
      Kindly don’t take this otherwise its just something i wanted to share.



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