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Khap Strips, Thrashes Woman, Lover


A married woman was partially stripped and forcibly chopped off her hair while a young man said to have extra martial affair with her was tied and badly thrashed by the mob of over 1000 people after the orders to ‘punish’ them was released by the village’s Caste Panchayat in Sarada area of Udaipur.

The incident that occurred on Sunday 22 July again raised the question on the role of Khap and Caste Panchayats and their illegitimate judgments.

According to sources, a married woman who also has a 3-year-old daughter was into extra martial relations with a man who used to work in the same village while the husband of the woman was employed in Ahmedabad.

As per the sources, on the night of 21 July, both the man and the woman fled away from the village. However the villagers who had already started searching them finally found them near Keshariyaji and brought them back to the village.

The panchayat decided to punish them and the woman’s husband stripped her in front of whole village before cutting her hair.

The mob turned violent when police tried to rescue the couple. Two policemen were reportedly injured in a stone pelting incident.

After rescuing both, Police took them to Sarada Police Station and lodged a case against the woman’s husband, people of the Panchayat and the mob.

UPDATE: 8 people are arrested in the case ( click HERE to read updated news)

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  1. Alex says

    I visited Udaipur for a week, it appeared an interesting place on the surface despite the disgusting pollution and ridiculous overpopulation. What I discovered was a place suffering con-artists and general misogyny. My girlfriend even she was groped several times in a crowd and a man even pulled open her clothing to see her body while she was being fitted for some clothes. Any tourist who visits here should take an armed escort!

  2. Susan Hamilton says

    Who knows how many thousands of cases similar to or worse than this happen every day in India. One really good reason for any woman traveller never to go there, and certainly a reason for people in other countries to think long and hard about the Indian men in their communities, and their so-called cries of racial and cultural discrimination….

  3. Dr. JayshreeSingh says

    This indeed shows deficit in tolerance and inflation in crimes against women due to increasing disrespect for the omnipresent God and Nature. Men’s deeds soon going to bring catastrophe on women and nature, subsequently destroying faith and beautiful creations of God in anger, hatred and jealousy. Men made civilizations and they are responsible to face their doom, how long and how far human laws commissions will work and will reach, it isonly the inner voice of men can save them or perish them. Respect for values, women and human beings can check death and disaster on earth. It is men who have to find solutions to their cruelty, violence and intolerance, otherwise intolerance is a way to self-destruction, it cannot curb wrong doings.

  4. George K John says

    This Rajasthan ”village’s Caste Panchayat ” peoples must be handed over to the authority to punish sevearly. No one in India should not take this type of leagal actions in their hand.and this type of brutal actions from any part of India must not be allowed either in state level or cast level. Strong punishment deserving on this case.They are stupids and spoiling the intgretiy and civilization of India.
    Government should not allow any single criminal sliped out from strong punishment from the court.
    I would request government to take a immediate action against the group of people those who did this cruel action.
    George K John



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