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Kharol Colony: Thieves sweep cash and ornaments while family was out

A house at Kharol Colony area was targeted by thieves on 7th Nov while the family was out to attend a religious function in a nearby mosque.

Rs.50000 cash and jewelry worth lacs of rupees were found missing from the house of Asghar Ali Bohra. A report is lodged at Ambamata Police Station and investigation has been started.

According to the report, the victim Asghar Ali and his family went to a nearby Mosque to attend religious gathering of Moharram. When the family came back, they discovered the main gate of the house was open and ornaments and cash were missing.

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  1. says

    When you have such news please provide complete name. there are many Asgar Ali in Kharol colony and each one has unique surname, your incomplete information make a lot of confusion.

    • Zaheer says

      We understand your concern and will try to put Full and correct names in future but most of the times we write crime news given to us by police stations and we don’t add or investigate anything by our own.


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