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Kirodi Lal Meena Arrested

Kirodi Lal Meena (MP, Dausa) was finally under the clutches of police after a long series of tough hassle between him & the police authorities. Meena is here in Udaipur from last few days for a strike against Government’s neglecting behavior towards tribals.

In the late evening, police authority forcefully escorted Kirodi Lal Meena and his accomplices to an unknown place. Dr. Lal ex-member of AICC Dausa, his son & other supporters also accompanied him.

Police authorities forced the Dausa MP to leave his hotel room and come towards the reception, when Kirodi Lal Meena came to the reception, Alok Vashisht SP Udaipur, Anant Kumar DSP and other police officials held  MP’s  hands and forced him to get into police vehicle. Dr. Meena tried to get off from police  but finally he was taken outside the Udaipur district to some unknown place, his accomplice were also taken with police. Udaipur Collector, Hemant Gera was also present during the scene.


The frightful incident occurred when ASP Tejrajsingh entered in the room of MP and this made Kirodi Lal Meena furious who was sitting with his accomplice and discussing. On being asked the reason for entry, Tejraj Singh replied that it was his duty and showed him the orders. A argument broke into both parties (Kirodilal & Police ASP). Out of agitation Tejraj Singh Slapped the MP(Meena). Eye Witnesses are saying that Kirodi too slapped back the ASP.


It is known to everyone that Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena was in Udaipur to start a strike  on 7th April in Udaipur. Which included a possibility of communal and political riot & the risk of Meena’s life. Predicting  the tense situation, the authority released the order to take him outside the Udaipur District. But Dr. Meena was holding fast to be in the city regardless of the condition.

After the situation getting complicated, District Collector Hemant Gera & SP reached the disputed spot and released the order of arrest for Kirodi Lal. But Kirodi Lal remained adamant, and refused to leave the hotel & Udaipur district in any case.

Stating that he came for the tribal welfare & it’s the rights of tribals to get basic facilities in this democratic nation. And he won’t give up till his last breath.

Section 144 is implied in the tense city, predicting the situation for riot. Conditions are under control right now but for safety measures, RIOT task force, with Rapid Action force & Heavy Police force are alert 24/7 for any mishap in the city.

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