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Kirodilal Meena Targets Lal Singh Jhala, congress hits back


Temperature in political corridors of Udaipur raised today afternoon when Dausa MP Kirodilal Meena raised allegations of mistreatment of villagers of tribal area of Udaipur and alleged Dehat Congress President Lal Singh Jhala for using his political power for his own benefits.

In the counter attack, Congress District Chief Madhu Mehta, with other congress activists, rejected all charges against Jhala and described them as a political gimmick to defame Lal Singh Jhala.

Kirodilal Meena held a meeting with district collector and superintendent of police and discussed several matters of tribal people with them. In his visit to Collector’s office, Kirodi first had a meeting with Vikas Bahle, District Collector and discussed the problems of the rural people of Majra, Ratakhet and Sisarma Village.

Meena demanded ‘Land against Land’ for the people whose lands were acquired by the government for ongoing Sabarmati Irrigation Dam Project at Bekria.

Meena demanded to resolve one of the issues related to the wall constructed by the forest department on the land used as cemetery. Because of the wall, people have to wait for the watchman to get the keys of the main gate of cemetery every time they enter.

Kirodi Lal also complained SP about a farmer whose land has allegedly been occupied by Lal Singh Jhala and that no action has been taken against him.

However, according to congress party workers, Jhala was never been involved in any such activities and Kirodilal Meena is putting false allegation on the leader.

Congress activists requested administration to take legal action against Kirodi Lal Meena for putting up false allegations against Jhala.

Madhu Mehta said, “We discard all allegations against Lal Singh Jhala, it is very miserable to see Meena doing cheap politics defaming a reputed leader like Jhala who has been involved in many development works in the tribal and rural areas of Udaipur.”

“We appeal administration to take legal action against Meena”, said Mehta.

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  1. vijay says

    Mr Kirrodi Meena knows the pulse of the tribal community and his easy access to the district admin is going to change political equations in tribal dominated Mewad.
    “We appeal administration to take legal action against Meena”, said Mehta.
    Ms Mehta your appeal is only tenable with proof, evidence. No action can be taken unless there is an FIR and then evidence, so you are talking or making statements in the air. As per this article above.


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