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Lady Patient files case against Doctor


Not even a whole day has passed since the ‘Doctors beating Media personals and Patient’s Relative’ and yet another case against a doctor has been registered at the Ambamata Police Station who is alleged to have mistreated a female patient today.

Dr. T.C. Bhandari, Triveni Hospital, is accused of mistreating Hemlata Dangi, a resident of Loyra who went to the hospital for a headache and tonsils problem.

Although, according to the Dr. Bandari, Hemlata Dangi was complaining about a stomachache. He said, “She (Dangi) came to the hospital complaining about stomach ache, and I did the usual checkup for around 4 minutes, prescribed the medicine and then she left”.

“Hemlata Dangi came to Dr. Bhandari at around 8 PM, and after the checkup, she left. The doctor performed his usual routine, and I didn’t find him mistreating the patient,” said Kamla, a nurse in the hospital.


One of the guards of hospital said, “A bunch of people came looking for Dr. Bhandari, but he was not here. Meanwhile they started scuffling with me and broke the front door glass. It resulted in a chaotic situation in the hospital premises”.

The police came on the scene after the nurse at the hospital informed them and Dangi’s family members backed off.

Yogesh Dangi, Hemlata Dangi’s husband, has registered a case at the Ambamata Police station against the doctor.

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  1. balwant says

    Yes, todays doctors are not behaving as good doctor, they don’t have manners how to talk to a patient. When patient want to ask something about desease, doctors are making silent mouth.


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