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Lieutenant Archit's UT Connection

Till last night when our news reporter informed me about the sad demise of Lt. Archit Verdia in siachen glacier, I was not able to remember but was sure that I heard this name before somewhere.

Today morning when I was composing the news, something strikes in my mind and I search ‘Archit Verdia’ in our official Gmail account. I was shocked to see that there was an e-mail conversation I had with Archit two months back.

archit-verdia-udaipur UdaipurTimes.com was the only news source for martyred Lt. Archit to stay connected with his hometown, Udaipur. We came to know this when he emailed us on May 30, 2011 from Siachin Glacier and showed his interest to meet us and share his experience in working at World’s Highest Battle Field on the height of 20,000 feet, in the same email conversation, Archit told us that he is going to visit Udaipur in November and that time he will share beautiful photographs of Siachen.

Who knows that destiny had planned something else, who knows that archit’s lively looking email will suddenly turn dead? This young brave son of Udaipur sacrificed his life while guarding the country.

Unfortunately but the fact is that now I am never going to meet this brave heart!

UT team pays condolence and with all respect, salutes to Shaheed Lt. Archit Verdia and pray to God to give strength to his family members.

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  1. Archana Shaktawat says

    This post has left a lump in my throat. Words can’t even begin to explain how I feel right now. Being from an Army background, I know how it feels.
    It’s such a tragic event. May his soul rest in Peace.
    My heats goes out to Archit’s family in this time of sorrow.

  2. Abhi Chauhan says

    Our Borders were and will always be safe because of the Brave efforts of our Soldiers.
    It pains a lot to have lost such a Soldier guarding one of the most Deadly Borders on the Planet.
    I pray that God gives the strength to his family to bear the demise of their Courageous Son.

  3. says

    he was my best buddy we got trained together and were togehter in puishments also clean at heart wil him him foerver was part of our tikdi which will be now incomplete without him

  4. Minal Mehta says

    He was the closest one to me… no one can replace him…. You will always be in our hearts Archit (Archie)…. Ill miss u lot….
    Big Big salute to your courage. No words to say… Pls come back…. :'(

  5. abhishek says

    salute to the martyr son of udaipur.but let us not just mourn for a day and forget so request our municipal corp to rechristen some prominent road in the memory of this brave son of our city. May god provide strength to the bereaved family.

  6. vijay says

    Conversations with Archit over the years.

    1995 (School)

    Me: Archit
    Archit: Yes sir
    Me: Congratulations for getting selected in NDA
    Archit: Thank you sir

    Few months later

    Me: Archit
    Archit: Sir
    Me: What are you doing in Udaipur? You should be in NDA?
    Archit: Sir, I had to leave NDA to look after my ailing father and our business.
    Me: So what next?
    Archit: After I have settled things at home I will again join the Indian Army through CDS (Combined Defense Selections)
    Me: Good luck.
    Archit: Thank your sir.

    After his graduation (B. Com.) on phone:

    Archit: Sir I have been selected to join Officers’ Training Academy at Chennai
    Me: Well done, you have it in you.
    Archit: Thank you sir.

    Nine months later we crossed on the road and stopped.

    Me: Archit what’s up?
    Archit: Sir I have become a commissioned officer, Lieutenant in the Indian Army and will be shortly joining my regiment.
    Me: I knew you will make it, how long before you Command your regiment
    Archit: Not to long sir
    Me: Send me an invitation and I will visit you
    Archit: Sure sir

    Thu Ful 21, 2011

    Me: Lt. Archit
    Answer: The person you are trying to reach does not exist…

    He always respected his teachers and seniors, as it is expected in the school.
    But what I noticed about him was that he was always very helpful with his juniors. One quality not many students have!

    • Prashant Arya says

      Although I had never met Lt. Verdia, I had heard about his great spirit for the Indian Army from my teachers and friends. He will always remain as one of the best persons to come from Udaipur and go on to greater things.

    • Dheeraj Singh says

      My last conversation with Lt. Archit was on in the month of January 2011. I asked him that i also want to join army. He replied – Army have a shortage of good officer. He gave his friend Capt. Deepank Singh number and helped me to apply for the TGC direct entry and told me to inform when i get my SSB call. He was very good and helping nature guy. May god rest his soul in peace. Salute to the real hero of Mewar. It takes 500 years to see a warrior from Mewar after Maharana Pratap.

  7. Umashree says

    Brother, you will stay right here in my heart for the person you were and the happiness you spread. It is true bravery, and it will never be forgotten. Look for the light and travel. Another journey lies ahead of you, keep marching soldier!

    I will miss you.

  8. Atul Sharma says

    No words can match the grief in heart…
    The pain, that holy soul’s family is goimg through,no other heart can feel.
    May god bless the nobel spirits, all the strength and peace.
    You’ll be always remembered buddy for ur great unique personality.
    You had no match…
    Niether u’ll have ever.
    Salute man.

  9. Lynn says

    Archit, you were one of the nicest human beings I have ever known. We are so proud of you. But, your loss is irreplacable. Wanted to see you reach ever more heights in respect of your work. I will always remember our conversations. You had some love and respect to share , whether it was for the country or animals. When someone left a message of your demise for a minute I felt that person is lying. But, reality did hit me. It was true and I am still reeling under the shock. I just hope and pray that God gives your sister and mother the courage to face your demise. There was so much to share and tell you regarding my animal welfare work. You always took out time to keenly know about it. Whom am I gonna share stuff with.

  10. Adhishri says

    Lt Archit Verdia

    I still cant believe this happend……………. but u still live in our hearts and mind.
    May God be with you always.
    Miss u…………………

  11. Lieutenant M S Rathore says

    Lt Archit Verdia was not only my senior but a true guiding force in the academy. As we both hails from the same state our conversation was mostly in mewari or marwari. when i last spoke to him , he was doing YO’s at devlali.
    “To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late; and how man can die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his father, and the temples of his gods”
    A salute to my beloved senior

  12. sachin vashistha says

    i don’t have words my heart and closed eyes praying for Lt. Archit’s family may god give them power and strength to face this phase of life do believe every indian is proud of his son…


  13. Amandeep Rathor says

    Though, I don’t know him personaly but I always have great respect for those who live for their country.Such souls never die they always lives in the hearts of the people so will he…………may God bless his soul.

  14. Adhishri says

    When he was there, he asked me to search and listen to the “OTA Song” on U-tube. I forgot, but now i did. It was beautiful. But he is not there that I can tell him that I like the song………………………………………………..

  15. says

    Belonging from an army background I can well relate to this post, and well understand the life of a soldier.

    I remember one of Douglas MacArthur quotes
    “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”

    Sending condolences to Archit’s family in this time of sorrow.

  16. Niharika (nonu) says

    Bro i really cnt blv dis… Hw cn u leave us lyk dis.. I hv nvr met a guy lyk u! My mum n dad n honey really miss u… N i 2… Wenever i c ur pics my eyes r full f tears… I pray 2 god 2 gv strength 2 aunty n tuk… N i still doz wrds ”shiney iz my lyf” shiney lft us so did u??? I will olwyzzz xpct a call or sms or ur fb status update… Hope some miracle happens n wt i xpct bcme true… :( i salute u brother…. :( n ur bst frn honey misses u a lot…. :(

  17. YUVRAJ says

    As we all are aware that RAJASTHAN is the land of Bravery especially MEWAR. I only say famous quote of Mewar- “Mai aehra Put jan,,Jeda Rana Pratap” – Means Hai bharat ki matao- aise putra ko janma do- jaise rana pratap….. similarly heartily salute to his family & especially his mother……… May god give power & strength to the bereaved family. Jai Hind

  18. sandeep devrani says

    luv u baby. u r very close too me baby….i dnt have words to express my feeling ..its hard to belteve this this sad truth ….luv u lots

  19. Adhishri says

    Arch I miss u…………………
    Happy Friendships Day to u swthrt………….. Thank u fr being thr always……………………

  20. says

    15th march d day wen u saw me,bzy carrying bags..oh thank u fr loading my bags,.i cnt frgt wen u kept on staring at me..i pretended nt2luk at u…bt u knw na i ws lukin at u.i crossed u once..b u crossed 10tyms frm d sme passage.uff!cnt frgt ur voice wen u wre shouting ur no.nd saying my no.is-.. ma;am…hehehe…u knw wat my mom heard ur voice nd she stl remembr u by dat!!!u mde me laugh..ok ok.. em sry.i didnt hve nythng so i used ur trousers fr my wet hands.nd u relly scared me by calling d whle nyt…by god!i got2knw ur level of bravery wen u entered my coup wen my family membrs slpt..u..common evrybdy wz thr yaar hw coluld i cme out,em sry fr dat.bt u had2leave me at d mid of d nyt at Chandigarh station..i didnt knw tl dn dat u hve started ur mission…nw y did u kpt standing d whle nyt out?GOT2KNW2DY NLY.luk ur bacche needs u2dy.i wont listn2u n tc.of mine.u tuk me wid u.u broke promises u mde2me.cnt frgt ur toch,ur care,ur love…U…I HATE U GO…

    • Priya says

      I Read ur comment raisha it was really vry touchy cant stop my tears, cried trust me . We never understand ur feelings . I dnt knw rachit and also dnt knw u but really felt deeply bad for u . I had search u in FB profile also . I am so sorry that i revert u and remind al these incident again but trust me i cant stop my hand . Really Feel vry low and bad for u also. heartily salute to RACHIT and his family & especially his mother , May god give power & strength to the bereaved family. Jai Hind


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