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Liquor Shop Brawl at Mulla Talai, Residents re-unite


Various religious and business organizations expressed sheer agitation and protest over an alleged threatening and slapping of a false police case on a person Girish Bharti, who objected on the liquor shop located at Mulla Talai area which was open even after 8 in the night which is prohibited.

On the other hand, the liquor shop owner lodged an FIR against Girish for attacking him and destroying liquor bottles at his shop last night.

According to sources, Girish Bharti, resident of Doodhiya Ganeshji, was commuting back to his home from his parental house at Bhrammpol last night of 23 Aug.

On his way, he spotted the liquor shop at Mulla Talai Chauraha which was open after 8PM. Girish, who also runs an NGO, Bal Shiv Sadan reported to Ambamata Police.


According to Girish (in photo above), his conversation with Police was heard by Gajendra Purbia, owner of liquor shop. Girish said, “He told me nothing can happen to him and his shop”.

Girish said that when he reached home, he was called by Ambamata police who informed him that a case of violent attack on shop owner Gajendra Purbia is registered against him.

Protesting the issue, various business organization and religious groups jointly gave an application letter to Udaipur administration, including, Divisional Commissioner for removing the liquor shop from the area as it often creates nuisance.

It was also noted in the letters, that there are number of temples located in the area and the residents also face problems due to liquor shop.

Representatives of business associations said, “The liquor shops at chauraha serve hassles to general public and mandir visitors, drunks creating chaos can be anytime seen around the shops”.

Dayanand Sarang, Deputy S.P. (W) and Radmal Singh, SHO Ambamata have assured, “Strict action will be taken and the shop will be closed in time, as well as, a policeman will be permanently stationed in the area for safety and security of mandir visitors”.

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    Very Good & Claps for Girish Bhai…


    Always in Support of such responsible & Brave Citizens,
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